6 Items You Need In Your Kit For Rainy Texas Days

Texas likes to play tricks on us. One minute the sun will be shining bright, and the next we’re all running indoors for cover. But don’t let a rainy day stop you from getting GORGEOUS photos! Here are some of my favorite items for rainy wedding days.

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1. A waterproof sleeve for your camera.

I’ve had clients determined to get photos in the rain - and who am I to tell them no? It is our job to get the photos our clients need, and this sleeve allows you to do just that. This one in particular has a drawstring, a hole for your viewfinder, and plenty of room for accessories. I keep one in my bag even on days where the forecast looks friendly - because you never really know!

2. A clear umbrella for some rainy-but-dry photos.

Everyone loves a good bubble umbrella. Sometimes we just want to be IN the rain but not be attacked BY the rain, you know? A clear bubble umbrella will keep your clients dry (at least shoulders-up!), and they photograph really sweetly.


3. A hands-free umbrella for you, so you never miss a beat.

That’s right: hands-free umbrella. One of those very fashionable umbrella hats. I had the great idea to purchase one for a wedding last Fall, and while I looked wildly ridiculous, my clients and their guests thought it was hilarious, and it was seriously effective. Paired with the rain sleeve mentioned above, my camera was dry, I was dry, and I didn’t miss a single shot of their outdoor ceremony.

4. A pack of ponchos, in case you need to share.

Another item that stays in my bag, this one is a set of 5 long ponchos that will make sure you stay dry when you’re walking quickly from the venue to your car (but don’t have time to do more than throw a poncho over yourself and your gear). It also won’t hurt if you give one to a panicking bridesmaid - she may have to carry the bottom of her dress when she walks outside, but the rest of her will be dry!

5. Your handy-dandy MagMod.

Okay, this should be in a kit all the time, not just on rainy days, but it is a staple for indoor wedding scenarios. I swear by this product, with its ability to diffuse light (without dulling it) to make it look like you brought the much-missed sunshine indoors with you! You won’t be missing the sun too much when your MagMod’s rocking out the wedding with you!

6. Shoes that can handle the job - and a puddle or two.

Y’all, I cannot tell you the amount of times I have decided it was a day for suede flats…and then boom, puddles. (In fact, I am typing this while wearing wet shoes. I wish I was kidding, and I wish I’d have followed this advice here.) Get yourself some shoes that can stand up to rain and the puddles it leaves behind! On light-to-medium rain days, I throw on my Clark’s booties, but when the weather needs a bit more, I’m rocking black cowboy boots (when appropriate to do so). I’ve yet to commit to a pair of rain boots (my San Diegan heart can’t handle it), but when I do, I’ll share what works best for me.

So tell Texas-rain you’re the boss, and get out there and make beautiful photos happen. Or, stay inside and get the shots your clients are dreaming of, regardless of what the sun says. (And if it all comes down to it, run with that cliche that rain’s just good luck. Whatever gets the job done and makes them happy!)

Cortnie Davis